No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

I actually own the book, No One Cares What You Had For Lunch, 100 Ideas for Your Blog. I bought it way back when I first started my blog and was curious about interesting ideas to write about. I really didn't learn all that much from the book, but what I did learn is that nobody really does care what you had for lunch.

But in keeping with the theme of boring my readers to near death because I have nothing exciting to say and also because I had something for lunch that I was really impressed with... I'm about to tell you what I had for lunch today. And yesterday.

For the past two days I have eaten a Lean Cuisine "Grilled" Panini. And let me tell you my friends.... yum.

I had mixed feelings about buying and trying these because while I was curious about them since 'Big O' talked about them on her show, still I am not crazy about frozen meals or microwavable meals. So I was leary to actually take one out of the freezer and rely on it for being my lunch. Because I would have been pissed off if it was all I had for lunch and it turned out to be shit. Turns out it wasn't shit at all. It was really good.

I followed the package instructions and "grilled" the sandwich in the microwave on the grilling tray provided. The sandwich didn't come out exactly what I would call "grilled" but it was heated up and slightly toasty. I tried the Grilled Chicken Club and the Chicken, Spinach & Mushrooms and both of them took me to the Happy Sandwich Place. There was no shortage of filling in either sandwich, there was lots of chicken and surprisingly, there is plently of cheese. And the bread was man enough to hold the whole thing together without going soggy or floppy.

And if you care? They are only 5 or 6 WW points per sandwich (depending on which variety you choose). Unfortunately, they are also loaded with sodium so if you're sensitive to that, they might not be for you.

Now, if you try these sandwiches and expect to get a panini like something you might get at your favorite Italian deli, you are going to be very dissapointed. They're not that good. But they're pretty damn good for something you pull out of a box from your freezer.