Unplugged... sorta... and not on purpose

The Queen, at A Day in the Life of Royalty recently challenged all her readers to go a day "unplugged" - to go the day without television, cell phone and... computer. I had no intention of taking her up on her challenge as I don't think I would survive more than 5 minutes.

However, our home computer is on the fritz. Steve had agreed to take it to our local computer geek to have it repaired. He soon found out that our computer is so old that they don't even make parts for it anymore!


I knew it was a bit of an old beast but I didn't realize it was that outdated!

Luckily our geek offered to put together a new computer and transfer over all our old files for us at a very reasonable price. (More money than I can afford right now, but still reasonable all the same).

The "problem" is that while our old computer is at the place that old computers go to die, our new computer will not be ready until this evening. This means that we spent the entire evening yesterday - WITHOUT THE INTERNET!!!

However did we survive?

You may be surprised to learn that Steve spent a good deal of the time... cleaning! Yes, it's true! He tidied the computer desk, vaccuumed, did laundry, unloaded/reloaded the diswasher and he even cleaned my stove!!!

Perhaps the most surprising of all was that he agreed to go for a walk with Quincy and I.

That is to say he willingly went for a walk without me having to guilt-trip him, OR bribe him with a double-chocolate-extra- whip mocha from Starbucks, beer, or... other things...

Clearly he was out of his mind. While he may occassionally do one of these tasks in a day - he would NEVER do them all within a 4 hour period.

If I wasn't so busy missing the computer so much, I would have been ecstatic.