Prisoner in my own home

For the past two days the computers have been down at work. I have been working from home.

Yes, I know it sounds very glamourous... working from home... but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Because, I am actually expected to WORK!

I know! It's ludacris.

Now, there's only so much I can actually do from home. I can get the basics done but nothing too fancy. You might think that I would blast through whatever work was to be done and then get on with more glamourous things - like shopping on a weekday. (That's what I thought)

The problem is, I am periodically getting phone calls from the boss with "updates" on when the computers are expected to be up and running. Translation: she keeps phoning to make sure I'm here being miserable instead of doing more glamorous things like, say... going shopping on a weekday. And then, as more work comes available she has been couriering it to my house.

So with doing the actual work, recieving the bosses calls, and making sure I'm here to answer the door for the courier - I'm a prisoner in my own home.

Let me reiterate: I'm trapped here with the housework!!! Since I cannot leave the house in my down-time, there is NO excuse to NOT do the laundry, dust, sweep and other such horrific tasks!

I want to go to Ikea! I want to go to the mall! The dollar store??? I would even be happy to go get groceries at this point! But no, I am stuck here. Trapped. Imprisioned.

I have to go now...

The dust bunnies are closing in.