Don't make fun of me

I had a weak moment. I got drunk on Saturday night and today was feeling depressed and looking for "something" to cure my misery. And I got sucked in by none other than... that caniving bitch, Oprah.

I bought her latest book club selection, "A New Earth, awakening your life's purpose".


I mean, when I heard about the book, I have to admit it piqued my interest. And today in all my sad and sorry shame, I went out and bought it. And then, as I was furiously scraping the big "O" sticker off the front of it, I remembered that I have been posting what I'm reading, here on my blog. For everyone to see! So you'll all know what a sucker I am.

I've read the first couple of chapters so far and I'm on the fence about it. I am going to have to read some more before I can make the decision to finish the book and buy into the philosophy behind it, or put it on the shelf for another day when I'm hungover and depressed and looking for some meaning in my life.

And just so you know, I also bought Stephen King's new book too. As backup. The two couldn't be any further apart in genres, which speaks to the state of mind I was in today.

The last book I read, "American Youth" was, well... meh. It was ok, but it really didn't do much for me. Not gritty enough. Not challenging. Didn't keep me up at night. I could take it or leave it. And after I was finished reading it, I thought about maybe trying something different. Maybe picking up something in a genre that I wouldn't normally go for...

Well look at me now.

Go easy on me, readers. I am but only human. And I am weak.

Soooooo weak.