Well I'm either leading a very boring existance or I'm just not able to see the world through my blog-colored-glasses. I just can't seem to come up with anything that I feel is worthy of writing about here.

Hopefully my bloggers-block is gone soon and things can get back to normal.

Unplugged... sorta... and not on purpose

The Queen, at A Day in the Life of Royalty recently challenged all her readers to go a day "unplugged" - to go the day without television, cell phone and... computer. I had no intention of taking her up on her challenge as I don't think I would survive more than 5 minutes.

However, our home computer is on the fritz. Steve had agreed to take it to our local computer geek to have it repaired. He soon found out that our computer is so old that they don't even make parts for it anymore!


I knew it was a bit of an old beast but I didn't realize it was that outdated!

Luckily our geek offered to put together a new computer and transfer over all our old files for us at a very reasonable price. (More money than I can afford right now, but still reasonable all the same).

The "problem" is that while our old computer is at the place that old computers go to die, our new computer will not be ready until this evening. This means that we spent the entire evening yesterday - WITHOUT THE INTERNET!!!

However did we survive?

You may be surprised to learn that Steve spent a good deal of the time... cleaning! Yes, it's true! He tidied the computer desk, vaccuumed, did laundry, unloaded/reloaded the diswasher and he even cleaned my stove!!!

Perhaps the most surprising of all was that he agreed to go for a walk with Quincy and I.

That is to say he willingly went for a walk without me having to guilt-trip him, OR bribe him with a double-chocolate-extra- whip mocha from Starbucks, beer, or... other things...

Clearly he was out of his mind. While he may occassionally do one of these tasks in a day - he would NEVER do them all within a 4 hour period.

If I wasn't so busy missing the computer so much, I would have been ecstatic.

What I Learned Today #10

Today I learned that I should not take it personally and let my mind get carried away with wondering what I have done to upset Steve when he isn't talking to me and is quiet and withdrawn - because it can all change in a split second when the Canucks score a goal to tie the game and then minutes later win the game in overtime, when his mood does a complete 180 and he starts cheering and clapping, laughing wildly and leaping around the house and talking my ear off about how awesome the team is.

Alright, I give

Ok, so I'm almost at the halfway mark of "A New Earth" and I'm going to thow in the towel. Although I like the philosophy and the idea behind this book, and I think that it COULD have had potential and maybe even some serious impact on the world had it NOT BEEN WRITTEN IN TONGUES! For Pete sake, man! This book is a total workout to read, which sometimes I like - but right now I'm at a place where I just want to pick up a book and fall easily into it.

I don't want to have to read the same paragraph over and over 10 times just to make sure I understood it. I don't want to have to have the house in complete silence and get frustrated with Steve for "breathing too loud" just so that I can concentrate on absorbing the information that I am reading.

This is why I'm putting down "A New Earth" and picking up "Duma Key" by Stephen King. It has been a long time - years, in fact - since I've read anything by Stephen King. This was my favorite author when I was in my 20's. However, I stopped reading when I felt that he had maybe run out of good spooky stories and therefore copped out by filling the pages with gore. But it seems that this, his latest book, goes back to the good old days that are reminiscent of Thinner and Rose Madder.

Reading this book is not going to make me any smarter, and I certainly won't have all the answers to the the world's problems upon finishing it. But I think that for the time being, it will serve it's purpose which is to fill my spare time let my mind take a break from real life.

What I Learned Today #9

Today I learned that ONE, that's ONE miniature Valentine's Day cupcake would have been sufficient, and TWO would make you feel gross.

Even if somebody brought them into work and got them from this locally famous cupcake specialty shop, and even though there were two kinds so you felt that you needed to try BOTH kinds and also even if they are of the really tiny variety - and also even if you are pretty sure this is the only Valentine you are going to recieve today except for the burger and beer you are going to buy yourself later while watching the hockey game because it's Valentines day and also two days after your 8 year anniversary (from meeting your husband) which makes you feel that you shouldn't have to cook dinner.

That is still no excuse to exceed one delicious, miniature Valentines Day cupcake.

Don't make fun of me

I had a weak moment. I got drunk on Saturday night and today was feeling depressed and looking for "something" to cure my misery. And I got sucked in by none other than... that caniving bitch, Oprah.

I bought her latest book club selection, "A New Earth, awakening your life's purpose".


I mean, when I heard about the book, I have to admit it piqued my interest. And today in all my sad and sorry shame, I went out and bought it. And then, as I was furiously scraping the big "O" sticker off the front of it, I remembered that I have been posting what I'm reading, here on my blog. For everyone to see! So you'll all know what a sucker I am.

I've read the first couple of chapters so far and I'm on the fence about it. I am going to have to read some more before I can make the decision to finish the book and buy into the philosophy behind it, or put it on the shelf for another day when I'm hungover and depressed and looking for some meaning in my life.

And just so you know, I also bought Stephen King's new book too. As backup. The two couldn't be any further apart in genres, which speaks to the state of mind I was in today.

The last book I read, "American Youth" was, well... meh. It was ok, but it really didn't do much for me. Not gritty enough. Not challenging. Didn't keep me up at night. I could take it or leave it. And after I was finished reading it, I thought about maybe trying something different. Maybe picking up something in a genre that I wouldn't normally go for...

Well look at me now.

Go easy on me, readers. I am but only human. And I am weak.

Soooooo weak.

Why I like the Superbowl

I like the Superbowl because I can send the man off to his buddies house to sit around and drink beer and eat potato chips and I am free to make myself spaghetti for dinner and I can put chopped up pickles in the meatsauce - which he dislikes and which I love.

Prisoner in my own home

For the past two days the computers have been down at work. I have been working from home.

Yes, I know it sounds very glamourous... working from home... but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Because, I am actually expected to WORK!

I know! It's ludacris.

Now, there's only so much I can actually do from home. I can get the basics done but nothing too fancy. You might think that I would blast through whatever work was to be done and then get on with more glamourous things - like shopping on a weekday. (That's what I thought)

The problem is, I am periodically getting phone calls from the boss with "updates" on when the computers are expected to be up and running. Translation: she keeps phoning to make sure I'm here being miserable instead of doing more glamorous things like, say... going shopping on a weekday. And then, as more work comes available she has been couriering it to my house.

So with doing the actual work, recieving the bosses calls, and making sure I'm here to answer the door for the courier - I'm a prisoner in my own home.

Let me reiterate: I'm trapped here with the housework!!! Since I cannot leave the house in my down-time, there is NO excuse to NOT do the laundry, dust, sweep and other such horrific tasks!

I want to go to Ikea! I want to go to the mall! The dollar store??? I would even be happy to go get groceries at this point! But no, I am stuck here. Trapped. Imprisioned.

I have to go now...

The dust bunnies are closing in.