Part 1

Today it happened. I've been kind of waiting for this and to be quite honest I had thought and hoped that it would have happened before now, but it didn't and I'm all the more grateful it happened today.

Somebody noticed my weight loss and commented on it. Yes, others have noticed and commented on it before today - but only people who already knew that I was doing *something*, or who already knew how much I've lost (because I told them). The person who commented today is not someone who knows anything about what I've been doing.

"Have you lost weight?" are words I have been longing to hear for quite some time. (I've almost lost 30lbs!)

Part 2

No, I'm not skinny but my latte is! Starbucks has changed the way I order my latte. Instead of asking for a "tall, sugar-free caramel, non-fat latte" (say it out loud, it's a mouthful) I now just have to ask for a "*tall, skinny caramel latte". The actual beverage hasn't changed but it is easier to order. This is particularly important when sending a certain husband to Starbucks to get you your latte and it's just too complicated for him to get it right. Now its easier!

Also, they've now added "Mocha" to their growing line of sugar-free syrup flavors:
~ Cinnamon Dolce
~ Vanilla
~ Hazelnut
~ Caramel

I myself tried the *tall, skinny mocha latte this morning and I'm excited to report that it was delicious!!!

* Only 90 calories / 2 WW points