I don't mean to brag...

...but I'm going to. So if you can't handle hearing someone toot their own horn, you might as well skip this post.



Yay for me. And since my resolution was to start being nicer to myself, I'm starting here with a pat on my own back.

Sure it's wasn't a HUGE amount that I lost, only 1.2lbs - oh... wait... that was 2007 Tarable talking. Let me try again... I lost a whole 1.2 lbs over Christmas and New Years!. Do you know what I had to contend with??? Actually, probably the same or similar things as every one else - but not everyone else lost weight. So I feel pretty good about myself.

Yeah. Good for me.

Don't worry, I promise not to sicken you all with a bunch of posts about how 'wonderful' I am in an effort to convince my own self. Just today. So you can all tell me to go eff off now if you want. Really, I'm really not very good at this self promotion thing and I'll admit that this post even made me a little nauseous.