How I exercised great personal restraint

Today we went to this fancy doggie store, and we had Quincy with us. While we were browsing the store, the door opened and in walked THIS Canuck player with his wife and their dog. Steve and I instantly looked at each other and he hissed, "That's W.illie M.itchell" and I hissed back, "I know!!"

Jesus, what was I to do??? I wanted to have some sort of contact with him so that he would know what a totally cool person I am.... but I couldn't think of anything that I could do or say that wouldn't make me look like a giant idiot. (Even though that has never stopped me before.) Not to worry though, as my sweet precious Quincy broke the ice. W.illie's dog came over to Quincy to sniff her and say hello and be friendly. Quincy was friendly back - for all of 5 seconds before she lunged and snapped at him.

I said, "Oh no Quincy! Bad girl! That's not very nice!"

But W.M. just laughed it off and said TO ME, "Oh ha ha... that's quite all right. She's just letting him know she's had enough of him."


So then I just lurked around the store and pretended to be looking at really expensive doggie stuff but all the while was trying to think of something clever to say. I managed to get myself close to W.M. again only to have Quincy snap and snarl at his pup again. Before I had a chance to say anything, W.M. laughed again and said TO ME, "No, don't worry about it. That's good for him. He needs to realize that not all dogs appreciate his over friendliness."

I am pretty sure that I responded to this, however I can't remember what I said. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was something witty and funny and charming.

Let it also be known that I did not say to Willie, "The boys sure needed you last night" or "How's the back??" nor did I whip out my camera (which was burning a hole in my purse) and beg for a picture of he and I and our dogs, nor did I take out my camera phone and pretend to be dialing a number while really snapping a picture of him (although all of these things ran through my mind). Because those things might have made me look like a complete loser. Instead I only looked like a semi-loser, following W.M. around the store while my dog tried to attack his.