Bad things happen

This is what I looked like today:

Why, you might ask?

You might ask if I was trying out for a sequal to The Crow?

No, I was not.

You might wonder if I have decided to change my look to goth?

No, I have not.

You might wonder if I was testing out my Marilyn Manson makeup for next Halloween?

Not that either.

What I was doing was trying to fight off a really bad mood, and a headache, and maybe a bit of an anxiety attack too. I had decided not to let the bad mood take over and I fought back with Tylenol, bottled water and an hour and a half hike/jog. And however better that may have made me feel, I felt worse than ever when I went to my jeep and found this:

I literally said this: *gasp* Somebody tried to break into my jeep!!!

And then I saw this:

That gaping hole in my dash that the wires are puking out of??? That's where my stereo used to be. Also, all the contents of my glove box were strewn about the interior of my vehicle. They also ripped out my ashtray and stole my box of matches, and they stole my emergency kit.

It was at this point that I collapsed on the curb and bawled my eyes out uncontrollably. Head in hands. Sobbed. Uncontrollably. Poor Steve didn't know what to do with me. What a terrible, terrible feeling.

Also missing were the following CD's:

My beloved White Stripes collection

Dixie Chicks

Amy Winehouse

Kid Rock

Pride Tiger

James Blunt

And about 0.78 cents worth of change. ICBC says they won't cover the CD's, the 0.78 cents, the box of matches or the emergency kit.

A half a block up the street, I noticed this on the side of the road:

Ok so I got back two of my White Strips CD's, Pride Tiger, Kid Rock and James Blunt. For some reason I would have thought they'd have kept the Kid Rock??? But apparently the CDs they couldn't do without were Amy Winehouse and the Dixie Chicks. Go figure.

I also found a CD holder thingy that was not mine, which tells me that I was probably not the only person who's vehicle was broken into.

And before the lectures start - YES I know you're not supposed to leave ANYTHING in your vehicle. I know that!!! And NO, I was not parked in my parking garage, but YES I will start doing that again - even though it is a pain in the ass. (Not as big of a pain in the ass as having your vehicle broken into and robbed.) And if you still feel the need to give me some advice on what I could have done to prevent this... you might want to really think about it first. I mean really think hard. I am not feeling overly "receptive" to advice right now.

And so for the rest of the day, I will just succumb to the bad mood. I am miserable. I am about to get in my pyjamas and go lay on the couch under a blanket for the balance of the day. It's really unfortunate that my doctor's appointment for more anxiety medicine isn't until tomorrow. I am fresh out. I may have to find an "alternative" until then.

Dinner tonight will be a latte and a donut. I'm fucking done.