Spoiling Christmas

I have been storing some of Steve's Christmas gifts and his stocking stuffers (as I get them) under our bed. I mentioned to him that there was something for him under there and NOT to look. His big claim is, and has always been, that he would never, ever peek at his gifts because it's just wrong to spoil your Christmas. He has always assured me that I can trust him to not sneak around and peek at his gifts and over the years I had in fact grown to trust him.

So yesterday when I came home after being out for a few hours, and I walked into our bedroom, I was horrified to see all his stocking stuffers and one of his gifts spread out all over the bedroom floor! How could he do this!? Why would he do this?! And why wouldn't he have at least put them back under the bed so I didn't know he peaked!?


I ran to the banister and screeched at him from upstairs. "STEVE!!! What have you done??!"

He started to race up the stairs saying "What?!! What's wrong??!!"

And it was when I saw the panic and confusion in his eyes that I realized what had happened...

Indeed, somebody was snooping for their gifts. And that somebody found some gifts - some of which happen to be edible, and this particular somebody loves to eat. And so when this somebody sniffed out the edible stocking stuffers, they dragged them and all the other gifts out from under the bed to have a look and maybe possibly even have a taste. Unfortunately this somebody wasn't very good at covering their tracks and they forgot to put the gifts back where they found them.