I survived!

It's December 26th and I've made it through Christmas! Woohoo!

Truth be told, the actual day of Christmas was quite nice this year. It's just all the bullshit and buildup to it that I cannot stand. (And also the big hole in my bank account hurts too.)

As is tradition in my house on December 26th - any and ALL traces of Christmas are boxed up within one hour of my waking up in the morning, and put away in the closet. This is now a Christmas free zone!

Today is also a fresh start in a new week of eating healthy. I love a fresh start.

I must say though that although I was not as disciplined as I would have been on any given "normal" week, I managed to get through the past week without blowing it too badly. I maintained a fairly decent level of exercise and the only day I probably ate more calories than I should have was yesterday - Christmas day. And I think that's ok.

Now if I can get through New Years without too much trouble... I'm rockin'.