All over the place

So last night, I found myself staying in a lovely house, somewhere downtown. It was quite a nice place and you'll never guess who else was hanging out in this house? It was none other than my most FAVORITE band in the whole world, the White Stripes! You might think that I would be so totally crazy excited that I might act like a complete idiot but no, I was remarkably calm and laid back - like I meet up with them every weekend or something. And then when Jack and Meg told me that they were playing in a small club downtown, I was very excited (but didn't show it) and begged Jack and Meg to get me into the club. Jack worked his magic and got me a ticket.

So I go to this secret venue and there were only about 10 people there! I couldn't beleive it! Where was everyone??? I ended up sitting at a table of elderly ladies who were in full-on ball gowns and were holding up signs with the names of their favorite White Stripes songs on them - except they had the names of the songs all wrong. Anyways, Jack and Meg played awesome and I got to be right up close to them (the place was practically empty, after all). Meg even let me come on stage and mess around with her drum kit for a bit.

After that I went out to the country where I was staying (I know I said I was staying with the White Stripes in a fancy house but things changed). I ended up in a dirty, dusty shed in a sort of "wild west" type of desert area. There was a girl there who really wanted to get into town but she was exhausted and could hardly hold herself up. But then she found this horse that had been skinnned and was covered in blood, but was still alive so she put a blanket on it's back and then climbed up on the poor horse and rode away while slumped against the horses neck. She was very clearly exhausted. I don't know what happened to the horse.

Crazy dreams lately.