What I Learned Today #5

Today I learned that when you are not feeling on your game and you are in a particularly sour and prickly mood, it is a really bad idea to head out to the super-mall at 7pm on a Monday evening whilst wearing your track pants and a stained sweatshirt to try to do some clothes shopping and having the sales people look at you suspiciously like you might be homeless and trying to steal things - even if you are down to the nitty gritty in your wardrobe and have nothing to wear to work, to the gym, to dinner, to anywhere. And then your sour and prickly mood will be compounded when after finding sweet fuck all to fit your fat ass, you come home empty handed and annoyed only to find that your garburator is broken and has puked up everything into both sides of your kitchen sink and your husband is trying to fix it whilst turning the garburator on and off and on and off and AND ON AND OFF AND ON AND OFF AND ON..... and you are also hungry but the kitchen is torn apart into a million pieces so you can't make/get yourself a snack.