This is going to take some getting used to

Today I did my usual routine:

Woke up
Got ready for work
Went to work (noticed it was brighter and cheery during my drive to work due to the time change and I had virtually little or no road rage - coincidence???)
Got to work
Read emails
Did only what was absolutely needed (read: as little as possible)
Stalked some blogs
Read more emails
Counted down the minutes to go home
Drove home with minimal roadrage (although it was not completely absent)
Got home from work
Cleaned up dog pee
Had a snack
Laid down to read my book
Had a nap...

And here's where things got messed up:

Usually when I wake from my 20 minute nap, I throw on the gym attire and skip out the door to the gym. But today when I woke, my room was considerably darker. Oh that time change! So I put on my new fuzzy socks and turned on the fireplace and had to talk myself out of ordering pizza. I couldn't (and still can't) quite talk myself INTO going to the gym. And going for a walk outside is completely out of the question due to it being pitch black out! It's not even 6pm!! It's hard enough leaving my house at the best of times - but now that it's going to be dark starting around 5pm??? My body is somehow not prepared for this and is not co-operating with the time change. I will need some time adjusting into my daylights savings mode.

In the meantime, I'm going back to bed to read my book.