What I Learned Today #4 ***UPDATED***

Today I learned that my phobia of germs at the gym is indeed warranted as I was woken very early this morning with a sore throat and a headache. I have been regularly attending the gym for about 3 weeks now even though I am creeped out by the abundance of disgusting people-germs that are flying around the place just waiting to attack me. I am sure that my recent ailment is from the germy gym because any time I have re-started visiting the gym in the past I have gotten either a cold or the flu - and aside from the odd hangover and the odd mental ailment – oh, and that one migraine a few weeks back, I rarely get sick.

My suspicions have been confirmed that the gym is full of 20-25 year old girls with stripper bodies and lots of icky disgusting germs.


I'm pleased to report that I am feeling much better this morning and slept much better last night. My sore throat seems to have almost gone completely away. This means that you all can stop worrying about me!!! I could tell how concerned you all were by the over abundance of comments, emails, phone calls, and the ton of "Get Well Soon" flowers that I started receiving only moments after posting this. It really warms my heart to know that I am loved by so many people...