What I Learned Today #2

Today I learned that when you are at the grocery store and the cashier is in the middle of ringing through your groceries and you look in your wallet to find that you do not have your bank card or any other means to pay for your groceries - that the cashier will still bag your entire grocery order and put your cart full of groceries at Customer Service while you drive all the way home to find your bank card. And then when you return to the store with your bank card to pay for and retrieve your groceries, you see your cart sitting at Customer Service with nobody around to prevent other customers from reaching in and helping themselves to your block of aged, light cheddar cheese or your bag of low fat potato puffs that taste remarkably like potato chips yet have considerably less calories and fat - despite the fact that the clerk at Customer Service previously assured you that they would personally make sure that your groceries are kept "very safe".

I also learned that even if you are having a relaxed and leisurely day - this little exercise is a sure and quick way to vanish yourself of those relaxed and leisurely feelings and replace them with anxiety so that you need to retreat to your home and not come out for the rest of the day.