Smarten up!

Let me first start out by saying that I like what you're doing for yourself. Eating healthy and on a regular exercise program and hence, losing some weight. You should be proud of yourself for the significant changes you've made.

However, you need to be careful that you don't overdo it. You know that you have a tendency to get somewhat obsessed about things and can get carried away with whatever project you are currently undertaking.

Case and point: While it is a great idea to combat your stress and depression with exercise (as opposed to eating and drinking for comfort), I hardly think that you need to take it to the level that causes you muscle pain, extreme fatigue - to the point where you have difficulty focusing your eyes - and a headache which eventually turns to a migraine. Not only is it not healthy for you to exercise to that level, it is also very unhealthy for you to follow that up with not eating anything for dinner just because you don't find anything on the menu that you find suitable for your "diet". It certainly didn't do you much good to be laid up for a day trying to recover from such nonsense, did it?

This is a dangerous road to go down and I trust that you have learned your lesson and you won't do it again. Don't let the stress and difficulties get the better of you. Pay attention to your body and know your limits!

You need to take much better care of yourself than this, and I think you know that. Let this serve as reminder.