Post Purchase Depression

One of the things that can send me into an emotional tailspin is money – or lack of it. I’m very careful where and how I spend my money. I wouldn’t say I’m cheap but I am cautious. When I spend money foolishly I feel just terrible, sick almost. I will get depressed, guilty, anxious and irritable – I refer to this feeling as Post Purchase Depression (PPD). Even with the most careful and fully thought out purchase, quite often I still experience PPD.

This weekend was filled with PPD.

We’ve needed a bed for some time now. Our queen sized mattress and box spring have been stacked on the floor. We have had no night stands and our ‘delicates’ (socks and undies) have been sitting in laundry baskets on either side of the mattress'. Am I painting a picture of a college flophouse? Good, because that’s precisely what it looked like.

So on Saturday afternoon we decided to go wander through a furniture store. No sooner had my eyes adjusted to the lighting inside the building did I set eyes on a piece of furniture that I LOVED. Was it the bed and night tables that I needed??? No, it was a kitchen table set. It was unique and very "Tarable".

(did you know that "Tarable" is a style? I'll bet you didn't).

And the price? A steal at only $399 for a table and 4 stools, no GST, no PST. I REALLY wanted it but felt that maybe I should wait and save my money for the bed that we needed so badly. (I didn’t like any of the beds in this store). So what do we do? We buy the table and 4 chairs but we don’t stop there. Steve suggests maybe we should try to get some matching bar stools for our bar. The salesman was happy to throw in a couple of 29” bar stools for a mere $60 each (again, no tax).

I think that the PPD kicked in when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to take my new purchases home with me THAT DAY and instead I would have to wait to pick them up until sometime this week. I walked out of the store with a $519 dent in my bank account and nothing to show for it but a stupid yellow receipt.

When you are experiencing a bad case of PPD - it can sometimes be eased somewhat by actually having something new to look at each time you feel the pangs of guilt. I had nothing to look at but the bright yellow receipt. AND...

- I could not rearrange my kitchen to make the yellow receipt fit in.

- I could not eat dinner on the yellow receipt.

- I most certainly could not sip a cocktail with my friends while sitting around the yellow receipt.

So what did I do instead? I worked myself into a mental frenzy. I had a big old anxiety attack, I felt sick to my stomach, I got grouchy (Steve may use a different word to describe my mood - like psychotic) and I spent the evening trying to rearrange the money (debts) in my bank accounts to try to make the dent appear as minimal as possible.


But it seems I must take the class a few times before I pass the course.

The very next day we decided to take a wander through Ikea. You know, just for something to do. I had no intention of making any major purchases – after all I was still recovering from a serious case of PPD. So I'm not entirely sure how THIS happened:

You might have guessed that I found the bed and night tables that were just perfect. (Coincidentally I also found some neat wall decor to throw in). They were exactly what I wanted. And for just a few moments the PPD was gone (just long enough to load the stuff in a cart, pay for it and cart it home)

I can justify it. But the PPD is still there - alhough it wasn’t quite as terrible last night as it had been the previous day. Maybe because I was kept busy by helping Steve put the new bed and night stands together and then rearranging furniture and making the bedroom look pretty. I’m pleased with how it all looks and I’m happy to not be sleeping on the floor anymore.

Speaking of sleeping... Somehow the new bed didn’t do much for sending me into a restful snooze. I had a flury of dollars signs, yellow receipts, barstools, and sneaky furniture salesmen flying around my head.

On another note: Quincy likes her bed just fine...