I recently made a little change to my hair. I added some blond chunks around my face. I did it myself at home - a risk, I know - but since I did spend a few (miserable) years of my life as a hairdresser, I figured I could pull it off and save myself a few bucks. It took me a few different processes and some tweaking before I got it just so I like it but I am now pleased with the final results.

This morning I walked into the cafeteria at work and there were a couple of guys from the plant sitting in there having coffee.

Dude #1: Good morning.

Tarable: Good morning.

Dude #1: WHOA!!!! You got your hair done!!!!

Tarable: Yes..... I did.....

Dude #1: What a difference! It takes 10 years off your age!!

Tarable: Oh it does? Umm, thanks??? I didn't realize I had 10 years that needed to come off!

Dude #2: *laughing* Wow, Dude #1 - you just know all the right things to say.

Some guys just know how to charm the ladies.