Camaraderie amongst the red potatoes

I was in the grocery store this afternoon and was standing in front of a mountain of red potatoes. I was picking through the mountain, trying to find a few that weren't bruised or sprouting. As luck would have it one of those damned potatoes rolled off the mountain and onto the floor.

I had my arms full (shopping basket, purse, potatoes) but I looked down to the ground to try to locate the stray potato so I could retrieve it and put it back on the potato mountain. Just then, the obnoxious couple who had been having a one-octave-too-loud conversation in the produce area walked by me. The male counterpart of the couple looked at me - saw my full arms and saw me looking for the potato that he had just watched fall to the ground. He and I both saw the potato at the same time. Instead of helping me out and maybe picking up the the potato for me - he walked right on by and his big black boot stepped only an inch from the potato just as I was bending down to pick it up.

These situations are hard for me. My tongue bleeds from my teeth biting down to hold in what I really want to say. I want to tell him off but I have to weigh the pros and cons of causing a scene.

I opt for my old stand-by.... Laser Eyes.

Just then I feel a nudge. I turn to see a friendly blond lady smiling at me. This conversation ensues:

Blond Lady: It could be worse, he could have stepped on it.

Me: Ugh. No kidding. It's so hard for me sometimes to keep my mouth shut.

Blond Lady: Like every time we leave the house?

Me: Yes! Exactly. I'm better off to stay in my safe little house and never leave.

Blond Lady: Even then - we still have to greet the mailman...

Ahhhhh..... Thank you Blond Lady. It feels so good to be understood.

(It almost takes away the urge for me to follow this dude home and slash his tires when he goes to bed)