What constitutes a crappy day:

You get to work and the first thing you find is someone complaining that they were short paid on their cheque. Upon investigation you find that they were NOT short paid. But you have to explain this to the person a good 3 times because they probably have a grade 9 education. – after which you suspect they still don’t believe you.

You then field calls of “phantom” complaints all day because the above mentioned employee has told all the other employees they should double check their pay because he was short paid (even though he wasn’t) and they might be too (they weren’t).

You find out that the Kiss concert that you were sooooo excited about has been cancelled and not rescheduled.

This is the day after your husband worked on his stat holiday in order to have the concert date off work.

You find out that because you had paid for your hotel room (for the night of the Kiss concert) with your airmiles, that canceling your hotel room is the equivalent of flushing your airmiles down the toilet.

You decide that you will still travel to Whistler on the concert date despite the concert being cancelled – but none of your friends are going anymore.

It’s monthend at work and you find a mistake that you made last month that you were actually questioned about last month but your response was to get all huffy and bitchy – declaring that you did NOT make a mistake (partly because you were in a hurry to leave work and go houseboating). And so you had to swallow your pride and go explain yourself.

You have to work late because it is monthend and you start to stress out that you won’t make it to your 5 o’clock meeting so you tell your boss that you need to leave after 'only' working an hour and a half of over time and he acts displeased with you.

You make it to your 5 o’clock weight loss group meeting only to find that after you worked your arse off all week – exercising like a demon and eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and NOT going over your allotted calories - that you have actually gained 0.4 lbs.

You finally get home and you are tired, hungry and edgy and your little dog is in a feisty mood and is barking and batting an empty water bottle around the house all evening long – but you're too tired to take it away from her and instead you just think about putting her up for adoption.


You come into work the next day and one of the supervisors stops in your office. This supervisor is about your age and also has the same kind of dog as you. So you ask him "How is your little monkey?" Only then does another supervisor come around the corner with a shocked look in his face and says, "WHAT are you asking him about???" To which your face turns red and you realize how your question may have sounded and both supervisors silently leave you in your office to feel retarded for yourself.