On my commute to/from work, there is a new retail complex going up. The construction has been ongoing for the past year and it’s finally starting to look like it might be finished sometime in the near future.

Driving past the complex one day last week, after a hard day at work – I noticed that a giant sign had gone up on the front of one of the new buildings. In bright red letters it said, “heals”. Being in somewhat of a post-stressful-day-trance, the following thoughts went through my mind:

“Hmm. heals. I wonder if that is a new shoe store. I’ve never heard of that chain before. It’s a neat name for a shoe store though. heals. It would be cool if they specialized in high heals – as that is what I usually wear. It’s going to be hard for me to drive past a nice new shoe store every day on my way home from work though. I can’t wait for it to open so I can check it out.”

It wasn’t until the next day when I was driving home from work and I passed the store again, that I realized what an idiot I am. It seems that when I drove by the other day, only half of the sign was up - because now the sign reads, “Micheals” – which is a large chain of craft stores. And I then realized that the things on the bottom of my shoes that give me some height are actually HEELS, and not heals.

What is wrong with me??? I am afraid for my brain.