I've got my skank on

I went shopping yesterday and bought a couple of new clothing items. I wanted something new to wear while in Whistler this weekend. To go under my new clothes I bought a pair of Spanx.

I had been wondering about Spanx. I've seen them advertised a lot. They were even featured on Oprah. (Oprah is a fan of the Spanx). So when the sales woman told me that she recently bought a pair and then went on about how truely wonderful they are - I thought I'd try them out.

Well friends, they really are as wonderful as all the hype. They totally smooth out any extra lumps or rolls that you may have and smooth out your figure.

So this morning as I'm getting ready to leave the house - Steve looks me up and down and says this:

"You look good, babe! You've got your skank on."

That's SPANX.

S. P. A. N. X.

Look out Whistler! Here I come. And I've got my skank on!