Breaking Point

So what is my breaking point? What will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak?

Well so far, I've endured the following:

* I've taken on triple the workload.
* I was denied vacation time when I was close to a nervous breakdown due to an extremely difficult medical situation.
* I've been insulted with a 2% raise - which was stardard for all office employees.
* I've been bombarded with employee complaints about their cheques - 90% of which are illegitamate.
* I've had greivances filed against me for the way I do payroll - which is the exact way I've been instructed to by my bosses.
* I've been forced to implement new company procedures which the employees strongly opposed and it was passed off as my idea.
* I've recieved nasty letters from the employees.
* I've taken the wrath of the employees who are disgruntled that I was given the work of the entire payroll department.
* Daily, I have to explain the same thing over and over again to employees who do not understand how to read their pay explanation - even though it has not changed for the past 5 years.

None of these things have brought me to my breaking point - although it's been close a few times.

But this latest incident may just have done it. This morning, I had a voicemail message on my work phone. It was an employee who was pretending to talk to another employee and he said this:

"No, she IS fucking useless!!! She should be FIRED!!"

And then the phone was slammed down.

I am not fucking useless. I am intelligent, smart, educated and I'm damn good at my job. And I think it's time that I found a job that where I am paid approriately and not abused on a daily basis.